Big Fish, Little Fish

Why is it, you can spend an absolute fortune on presents for your cherubs, but all they want to play with is the cardboard box?

So my little one has reached the grand old age of two. TWO! Going on ten, obviously. Where the hell did the time go? I’m sure it was only a month ago that he was born. It was only last week he started to walk and talk! Wasn’t it? Have I become a time traveller, or have I just been in this zombie daze of half sleep, half wake for so long that I haven’t even realised that I am Tyler Durden?

Of course, as sensible parents, *cough* rather than overwhelm our darling little monster on the day, we have been giving him his presents, one at a time, over the course of the last month. It has been a blast! An absolute blinder of a month! Just seeing his eyes light up each time a new box appears with a train, or car, or plane, or trike, or book, or DVD, fills our hearts with an abundance of joy.

The big day was a trip to the zoo. Awestruck at the lions, mesmerised watching the fish glide around their tanks, and completely and utterly crazy about the penguins. Running back and forth announcing to everyone that there were penguins over there, pointing frantically. There was a plastic penguin standing four foot tall which he said hello too. Bless his heart, I nearly broke down and cried with happiness.



My favourite instant of the day however, was when I lit a candle on his little cake and we sang happy birthday. The range of emotion in just one instance will live with me forever. First it was shock, which was quickly replaced with a shy little smile as he realised it was ‘his’ birthday. As I sang I approached with the cake, finishing as I got to him, his eyes sparkling and wide at the excitement of blowing the candle out. Slowly he took a big breath in and held it, looking around at the faces as if to ask ‘really? Can I?’ I smiled at him and he blew with all his might and out it went. “Again!” He cried out “again!” That candle was re-lit about a half dozen times, and every time it was perfect, beautiful, and absolutely amazing! My wish had come true, as had my wife’s, and our wonderful little boys.

How many more of these amazing moments am I going to get, before he’s no longer my little cherub, and he has flown the nest and started experiencing this from his perspective, with his own child? Hopefully many more, and hopefully it won’t feel like it’s only been a year or so. I know they say time moves faster the older you get, but please Chronos, ease up a little dude, having the time of my life here, and I’d like it to last a little longer than a millisecond. 

What are your favourite amazing moments? Please share them with us all.

Till next time, be dobby, smeck grimly, and skvat jeezny by the sharries droogs!


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9 thoughts on “Big Fish, Little Fish

  1. Because children still remember that nothing rocks quite so hard as imagination.

    You remember imagination, don’t you? It’s that thing you used to use to entertain yourself in traffic and lines before the smartphone.


  2. I have so many precious memories of the two of mine; their births, returning home, the eldest starting school, the youngest at one particulat birthday party playing with older kids. Enjoy it while it lasts. What your mum and dad said was true; they grew up at a terrifying rate! #BigFatLinky

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  3. Having the time of my life here too with our little man so completely relate to this post. Great to read about such a good day. Its amazing how many moments there are that just fill you with emotion isn’t it. Thanks for linking up and sharing this #bigfatlinky

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  4. The memories just keep piling up even though time does feel like it’s constantly accelerating. I like the idea of parcelling out presents slowly. With ours, birthdays and Christmas are a frenzy of unwrapping – we do hold some back for opening on later dates, but perhaps not as many as we could and should.

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