Jackson Pollock


So you’d be forgiven for thinking that the picture featured above is a Jackson Pollock, it is in fact my sons dinner, all over the wall. I jest of course, it is a Pollock, but I do have similar “master pieces” adorning my walls. Oh and floors and tables and chairs.

Between wax crayons, paint, chalk, felt tip pens, and the occasional food stuff, my home has become a shrine dedicated to the abstract expressionist. Despite screwing a large chalk board to my little tykes bedroom wall, an easel for chalk, and markers, and lots of cardboard boxes on the floor, he still insists every other surface in the house is fair game for his artistic flair, and he literally works ‘outside the box,’ if you will, in his pursuit of the perfect picture.

When he’s not decorating the walls, you can find him contemplating his next composition whilst chewing his crayons. I’m not sure if he is experimenting with a new mixing technique, but no matter what colours he mixes, the wax crayons he eventually excretes are all the same colour. But who am I to stifle his creativity?

I myself grew up with a passion for art and music, so I know I won’t be suffocating him. In fact I will be encouraging him to experiment, and learn from any mistakes he makes along the way. My only worry is that I will be projecting my dreams and aspirations through my son, something I don’t wish to do. If he loses interest, so be it, but I hope he doesn’t.

Art is an amazing tool for children, not only is it great for hand/eye coordination, spatial awareness, and perception, it helps to develop creativity, cognition, critical thinking, and self awareness. It also helps young children express their feelings, and work through their emotional conflicts, which at this age is paramount. So all in all a win-win, and as long as he learns all this, then I will be a happy father. That and if I can keep him confined to canvas, maybe then I could sell a few to pay for the redecorating my house so desperately needs.

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5 thoughts on “Jackson Pollock

  1. Thankfully we’re past the writing on walls stage now. Unfortunately our children have now taken to tearing the (rather expensive) wallpaper off our walls instead. Argh!

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  2. We don’t have too much art on the walls here, but a lot of dirty hand prints and food! I would love my sons to take an interest in art, but my eldest prefers ‘inventing’, so I’m hoping the baby will take up the arty side! 🙂

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