So it’s the end of harvesting, and time to prepare for the long winter. The fire is lit, and our past and present kin have come to the table for the remembrance feast.

Mumming, and young uns, in disguise, to save them from the Sith, recite prose for food, as another year comes to a close. The return of Brighid seems a long way off.
Ma wee bairn and I have been playing with a pumpkin for a couple of weeks now, drawing all over it and sticking play-doh to it. He adores pumpkins, no idea why, he’s been barmy for months about them so go figure. We had just a normal run of the mill pumpkin, about the size of yer swede, then my wife’s uncle turns up with a huge S-O-A-B. His eyes lit up, and he actually hugged this pumpkin when he viddied it for the first time.

(Appypolly loggies droogs, that’s the Nadsat coming out in me. I could chumble on till the end of raz in this manner, but I fear many would not pony a slovo that came out my roz and unfollow your humble narrator).

When it came to carving this beast of a jack o lantern, JB was interested for all of ten minutes. While yours truly went to work with the shiv, little man was busy pushing the broom around the kitchen. The following picture just about sums up how much he did before he decided he wasn’t sure of the texture and stickiness of it, and gives you an idea how big ‘Spookley’, as he is called, after the cubically contoured cucurbita pepo from the story by Joe Troiano, which we have watched about a dozen times in the last week.

The night in question, the pumpkin lit, it’s party time as his cousins come over. No need to picture two pumpkins running around the house, like escaped prisoners in their orange jumpsuits, I have them pictured behind bars πŸ˜‚IMG_0714.JPG

Well my deadline is fast approaching, I have to host a party of piss heads till the wee hours of the morning, hope you all had great fun with the kiddy-winks, so until next week here’s a snap of Spookley all lit up.IMG_0716.JPG

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