Cots For Tots

I’ve only just realised that with this weeks post I’ve finally hit double figures. Minus the midweek memes, of course, which the keen eyed amongst you will have noticed have fallen by the wayside. It feels like I’ve been writing forever, but no, it’s only been two months.

To be honest, I never thought I’d get this far, as each week I find myself bereft of ideas, or if I have an idea, it is quick to fizzle out like the fuse wire of an Acme bomb. Couple this with being elbow deep in sh*tty nappies, or rolling around the floor clutching various parts of my anatomy after being bitten/hit/head butted/scrammed, or having trodden on some random Lego block that’s managed to camouflage itself against the carpet, and you can begin to see where I’m coming from. I wouldn’t have it any other way though, well, maybe not the Lego as that’s by far the worst part.

You, my awesome audience, also give me the momentum to continue, with your kind words and support for my humble mumbling. If you had said to me two months ago that by now I would have the best part of thirty bloggers following my every word, I would have said you would require restraints and 50cc’s of thorazine, but here we are.

Ego’s stroked. Check.

Time to go all ‘Mr. Mooshy’ on you now. Those of you who have read Mr. Mooshy will know that the first week of my favourite little munchkin’s life was the most memorable for all the wrong reasons. I have the misfortune of knowing what it is like in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and while we had it comparatively easy compared to all the rest on that ward, it is something I hope you never have to experience. For those of you who do however, rest assured that help is at hand, in Bristol anyway.

Heart strings played. Check

I have also realised I have been all ‘me, me, me,’ and its about time I shared some love for those that have helped me through this unfortunate start into fatherhood.

Cots For Tots is a charitable organisation set up in 2012, just a couple of months before I needed their help. They offer free accommodation to the families of newborns who require the expertise of the NICU ward, and through the generosity of those that have needed their help, they have managed to maintain this facility, and in addition to this, purchase some state of the art equipment for the unit. At present they are trying to raise £35,000 for a baby ultrasound scanner, so if you’re feeling generous, click here, for a single, or monthly donations.


If you would rather have something to show for your hard earned shekels, Cots For Tots is a part of the ‘Grand Appeal’ which helps the whole of Bristol children’s hospital, why not buy your loved ones, something ‘Wallace and Gromit’ related, shop here,Even if all you buy is a box of Wallace & Gromit chocolates, you will feel the warm glow in your heart that you have helped some of the most needy children in the country.

Hit readers up for money. Check.

Now I’ve got the important stuff out of the way, here’s what you’ve been waiting for, the fun with my son…

…oh no! My time has ran out and I now have to publish. Ah well, more next week.

Keep readers wanting more. Check. 😈

If you’re still in a giving mood, I can recommend reading, and obviously donating those hard earned groats via the following link.

A Cry for Help

As an aside, have you seen the film with a small boy named Oliver, who, with bowl in hand, asks for more? Well picture me, on hands and knees begging you to nominate me in the #BiBs2015 awards in the catagory of ‘Fresh Voice’. If you now have a tear in your eye, please take a moment and click the following link.


If you’ve given enough, And you’ve nominated me, you can now check out some awsome blogs from other parents by clicking on the following link.The Dad Network

5 thoughts on “Cots For Tots

  1. Such a scary start to parenthood however he’s certainly brought laughter and wonderment to our lives since. Cots for tots are amazing. From the resources needed for our son to the accommodation for Mr Mooshy, it all helped us more than I could ever put into words. Please support them if you can. X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry to read about your experience, I cannot even begin to imagine what you went through. This is a fantastic appeal and i’m so glad you bought it to our attention. All families should be able to stay with their sick babies. I’ll share it across my social media now. Thanks for linking up with such a great purpose #bigfatlinky

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the big push, it really means a lot.

      It saved me a daily 60 mile round trip. Just to be able to be there when needed, is paramount not only to peace of mind, but to help with healing, in a very difficult time.

      I can’t imagine the hell we would have had to go through, without their help.

      Thank you again for your support, if I am able to reciprocate in any way, just ask.


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