Premio Dardos Awards

For those of you that have only been here for five minutes, like me, you probably haven’t heard of the Premio Dardos Awards.

Premio Dardos is Spanish for ‘prize darts’, and I’ve been known to throw a few arrows in my time. Don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely get my arse handed to me by the likes of Phil “The Power” Taylor, but could quite easily take on Scott Mitchell and Wolfie at the same time, with both hands tied behind my back, and firing the darts out of my ar……you get the picture.

Like I say, I’ve been here all of five minutes, and with my work load, I haven’t yet had the chance to co-conspire with another blogger, to fabricate some fractious falling out, that would fetch Fahrenheit’s rising, and a final coming together of friendship that would make the story of love between two fledglings of feuding families look like a one night fling. (If you’re interested, send me a private message 😉).

I’m not sure which task will be harder. Picking fifteen bloggers from the half dozen I follow, or sitting through hour upon hour of Oscar acceptance speeches, in order to find just the right balance, between thanking all the people who have made it possible for me to scrawl brain farts into an iPhone, and seeming to be sincere, whilst turning on the water works.

My task now, is to link to the work of fifteen of my peers, so without further ado.

1. First I must thank for my nomination, and nominate Butch Country. This guy has had copious amounts of sh*t thrown at him by life, and yet he still stands, with a smile and chipper attitude. He makes me smile, even before I read his posts.

2. If I could, I would use my other fourteen nominations to highlight the plight of one man. Raif Badawi. Jailed for ten years, with one thousand lashes, for the crime of standing up for freedom of speech. I’m sure you already know the story, but if you don’t, please read about it here, and share.

3. Dan Arel is probably one of the busiest writers I know. I’m sure he must have a chip in his brain that transmits his thoughts to his computer, while he gets on with the day to day stuff of fighting injustice and raising a family. A true champion of reason.

It would be remiss of me not to mention bloggers who, have either inspired me to write, promoted my work, or generally been encouraging, and the following secular humanists, have been there for me from the start. Thank you.

4. Godless Spellchecker

5. Secular Scarlet

6. Crispysea

7. Mr. Oz Atheist

The last five months have been a great time, so with a new year I have decided it’s about time I did a bit of networking, and maybe sing my own praises a little. The following are a few parenting blogs that stand out amongst the crowd.

8. Amy McCready

9. John Adams

10. Mamacravings

11. Humanist Mom

12. Diary of the Dad

13. Yorkshire Dad

14. Mutterings of a Fool

15. Bringing up Charlie

Good luck to everyone who has been nominated, please keep blogging, and follow the rules outlined in the following picture.


So there you have it, my nominations are in, and I now need to get working on my acceptance speech and practice turning on the tears at the drop of a hat.

Be dobby, smeck grimly, and skvat jeezny by the sharries droogs!


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