The Holy Grail

Fess up! I know you have something that belonged to each child that you hold onto more than all the other stuff you have from that child.

First things first, I must apologise for missing my deadline. I’ve had to paint a red cross on the front door, and I’m waiting for the cart, and the call of “Bring out your dead!” Both my wife and little monster have been ill all week, so my eye’s are black and sunken, and the skin is hanging off my bones, proper zombie style, and I’m the only one that isn’t ill!


Large Man with Dead Body: Here’s one.
The Dead Collector: That’ll be ninepence.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn’t: I’m not dead.
The Dead Collector: What?
Large Man with Dead Body: Nothing. There’s your ninepence.
The Dead Body That Claims It Isn’t: I’m not dead.
The Dead Collector: ‘Ere, he says he’s not dead.

But I digress.

Yes, I know you have tons of stuff locked away, gathering dust, that gets blown off once in a blue moon, (normally when you’ve just purchased a new box of tissues for the occasion). But there is that one item that shines above all others, the Holy Grail, if you will, of your sweet little Arthur.

God: What are you doing now?
King Arthur: Averting our eyes, oh Lord.
God: Well, don’t. It’s just like those miserable psalms, they’re so depressing. Now knock it off!

I have two items of JB’s that are dear to me. His first pair of trainers, (pictured above), that hang from my rear view mirror, but more importantly, to me more that my little cherub, the teddy bear I made for him.


I’m not talking a ‘build-a-bear’ workshop model. I actually cut out all the pieces, sewed them together, and stuffed the bloody thing! To celebrate his birth, I finished the teddy by placing a bag of Scottish lavender inside, and put the final stitches in the back. That’s how much love and affection I put into this teddy! When I give it to him, he’s like “meh, whatever”. “Where Tigger? Where Elmer?”.

Don’t get me wrong, I know Tigger and Elmer are great. He curls up with them every night, and it’s so sweet to see, but a part of me thinks it would be even more awesome if it was teddy. The other part of me is glad, because my hard work won’t get ripped limb from limb, and expose my p*ss poor sewing skills.

Well, I’ve started to cough. 😷 Off to get some meds, and wrap up warm, so I’ll leave you to your weekend. Hope it’s full of fun, and if you get half an hour, dust off your keepsakes, and enjoy those happy memories.

I would love to hear about your favourite keepsakes, and/or your favourite ‘Holy Grail’ quotes. The comments box is just below.

French Soldier: I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Be dobby, smeck grimly, and skvat jeezny by the sharries droogs!


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