Happy Holidays

We’ve been on a well earned break in the arctic tundra more commonly known as Cumbria. Okay, maybe it’s not that cold, but still, it’s brass monkeys in the middle of winter.

This inevitably means we need to find some warmer clothes for the little one, so that he can continue his outdoor adventures and jumping in iced over puddy muddles.

I couldn’t believe our luck when we found this wonderful red snow suit onesie.


The Mountain Warehouse Cloud all in one is made from a waterproof breathable fabric, the seams are all taped, it has a fleece lined hood, and elasticated cuffs. It’s very hard wearing and scores a resounding 5 out of 5 after a week of running around, and jumping in muddy puddles.

Retailing at £80, I feel is a tad expensive, for a suit that will be outgrown in 12 months. (I’d happily pay £30-£40 for it), but what makes it extra special at the moment is you can get it for the knockdown price of £25 by following this link.

I wish they did them in my size, could have used one when I slipped in the mud and landed flat on my back. Don’t worry folks, nothing broken, just winded and wet. Very wet!

The incident happened at Walby Farm Park. A great day out for the kids, with Cumbria’s largest indoor soft play area! And wow, it’s huge!


It being half term, means that it was very busy, we’ve been here before and had the place to ourselves, but even so, it’s loads of fun!


They also have a great outdoor farm, with all the cuddly animals your children could wish for, swings, sand pits, go-carts, and plenty of open ground to run around, or ahem fall over in.


After running around all morning, the cafe had a wide range of great meals for kids, both young and old, as well as some rather nice cakes. Here you can restore your energy levels, ready for running around again all afternoon.! 😉


Just a short one this week, as I’m about to zoom back home to the rat race.

Remember, be dobby, smeck grimly, and skvat jeezny by the sharries droogs!


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