Midweek Memories

I was awoken this morning by a little person, bouncing up and down excitedly on my bed, wishing me happy birthday. That was my gorgeous wife. My wonderful little boy said. “Happy birthday daddy, where’s the cake?” Shortly followed by “I want cake and candles daddy!” And then “Daddy’s a robot, we’re going to the seaside!”

Helen has had two wonderful memories put to canvas for me. The first, is the day we eloped to Gretna Green.

If you’re planning to get wed, I can’t recommend it enough. A wonderful relationship forged upon the anvil.

The second was chosen by JB, and was taken two years ago to the day.

This was us preparing to visit his first beach, Whitesands Bay on the Pembrokeshire coast.

Well, that’s enough of my ugly moosh on your screen, don’t worry, I won’t be making a habit of it. I would like to thank you all for your kind messages on all the social media thingies, and I’ll see you all again at the weekend.

Until then, be dobby, smeck grimly, and skvat jeezny by the sharries droogs!


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