Dough Boy

Recently my little treasure made some bread rolls. Ok he was kinda cheating, as he used a pre mixed packet, but hey, he’s only two.

To say he was enthusiastic when I asked him if he wanted to do some baking, would be a bit of an understatement. Once I had chiseled Thomas out of the wall, we began by exploring the texture of the granary flour, sifting the seeds through his fingers, to great delight.

It wasn’t long before he wanted to add a jug of water into the mix, and get that sticky, messy goo between his fingers. A little unsure at first, but within a minute, he was in full swing. It’s a good job that dough is very sticky, otherwise there would probably only have been two rolls, and the rest would have gone the way of many food groups, to be displayed as a further homage to Jackson Pollock.

After a quick clean-up, I gave him five minutes to get back to his trains, while I gave the dough a thorough kneading, and then we were back at again.

Despite showing him that he could make any shape he wanted, even ‘wiggly worms’, he was insistent he was making balls, and who am I to butt heads with a young man, keen to make his mark in the world.
Neither could I convince him that they needed to be spread out evenly accross the baking tray, so I let him continue to play until boredom ensued, which was about half an hour. I then cleaned him up, and let him go back to that band of mischievous trains from Sodor, while I sorted out the rolls.

One and a half, to two hours under a clean, damp tea towel produced these eight lovely rolls, risen and ready to bake. Bare in mind that the packet calls for all of it to be used, in the creation of eight rolls, and I halved all the ingredients, for the same results. Twenty minutes in the oven, and Robert’s your mothers brother.

The following morning, we had some fresh, delicious breakfast rolls, ready to rock, and of course roll. With eyes wide, at the sight of the rolls he’d made the afternoon before, his knife attacked the contents of the butter dish with abandon. As much as I tried to show him how we must first ‘break bread’, I was poo-pooed, and with a wave of his hand, dismissed from the table. He was kind enough to butter my roll for me, once I was allowed back to the breakfast table.

I eventually got to show him how it’s done properly, and no doubt, he will be ripping rolls apart when we make the next batch. 😀

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Until next time, be dobby, smeck grimly, and skvat jeezny by the sharries droogs!


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22 thoughts on “Dough Boy

  1. I think it’s great getting kids involved in the kitchen from a young age. All three of ours like to get involved in cake-making – not least because they get a real sense of pride and get to eat the end-product. Sometimes they even leave a bit for me to try …

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  2. Haha, fab. That’s a good idea to have him take breaks while you ‘adjust’ his creations. When I’ve baked before it’s been hard work to get the kids to let me help a little.


    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s really nothing to be scared of. Mix the ingredients, leave to stand for a couple of hours, and bake!
      Eating home made bread is the best feeling, like home grown vegetables, the taste is awesome!


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