Midweek Medical

The last week has seen my poorly little munchkin, have a myriad of medical misgivings.

Three visits to the doctor, a home visit by an ambulance, and two visits to our local minor injuries hospital, has made it a very busy week.

We started with a possible case of chicken pox, and ended up with a possible case of measles, with tonsillitis, and ear infection.

If I manage to get any sleep between now and Friday, I might find some energy to give you the bigger picture.

Until then, be dobby droogs……zzzzz

7 thoughts on “Midweek Medical

  1. Arghh what a nightmare! My eldest has Type 1 Diabetes so unfortunately we are no strangers to hospital visits, ambulance dashes and sleep deprivation when he’s ill! Horrible when they aren’t well and even more so when you aren’t sure what it is and they’re too small to explain! Eldest is almost 11 now and doing really well thank God!!

    Stevie 🙂

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  2. Kids do have a way of freaking us out, don’t they? Splendid, of course, that it was all suspected rather than actual, but I bet your son is having a miserable time nonetheless. Here’s to getting through it.

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    • Were through the worst of it now, I hope! And praise be to Thoth, I’ve managed to finish writing about it. A quick proof, and it should be out by lunchtime.


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