As those of you that have been following me for a while know, every now and then, I put myself to one side and bring a good cause to the fore.

One of the main charities supported by yours truly is ‘Cots for Tots’, a part of Wallace & Gromit’s ‘Grand Appeal’. They help children in the UK with medical treatment, and support for them and their families in that time of need.

The reason behind my support is my son is one of the lucky boys, helped by this charity.

Day one for JB, was both exciting, and scary, and this photo brings it all back for me like it was yesterday.

As of today, (May 1st), they have launched a fundraiser called #babyface. This hashtag, runs much like the ice bucket challenge from last year, except you don’t need to get wet and cold again, so that’s a huge bonus.

All you need to do is text COTS40 Β£3 to 70070 or donate online via This link

That done, now you need to dig deep into the annals of time, and find a cute/funny/embarrassing photo and upload it to Facebook or Twitter, with the above donation information, and the babyface hashtag. Then nominate your friends so that they can reciprocate.

The rules weren’t that clear on wether the photos should be of your little ones, or as I think it should be, photos of you as a little nipper. I’m guessing either way is good, as long as a donation is made, but I would love to see you all as cute little cherubs. Your call.

If you wish to find out more about Cots for Tots and what they are trying to achieve, just click the link provided.

If you’re reading this, then consider yourself nominated. My #Babyface is below. Time to share yours, make a donation, and nominate your friends!

Until next time, be dobby,dig out the photo albums, and nominate all your droogs to help this great cause!

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