During the month of June I will be leaving the razor and badger brush hanging from its stand, and growing some facial fuzz to raise money for the Lullaby Trust, and the great work they do for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SUDI.

What is SUDI/SIDS?

‘Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy’ is used to describe all unexplained baby and toddler deaths, before a post-mortem is conducted. It has all but replaced the old phrase ‘cot death’, which was in fact rather misleading, as not all deaths occur in the cot.

A post-mortem will reveal an unforeseen problem, such as an infection or metabolic disorder, in less than half of the cases, and these unexplained cases are referred to as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or unascertained.

The facts and figures shown in the graphic above are truly shocking, but also very reassuring, that we can take some simple steps to reduce the chances. 

Around 270 infants die every year, and this number could be halved, if all mothers stopped smoking during pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, as an ex smoker I know how hard that battle is, but just this message alone would give me the urge to keep battling that craving.

The greatest inspirational fact on the graphic, and I would say, the most important, is that over the last 25 years, the mortality rate has dropped by a whopping 70%, just from one campaign. ‘Back to Sleep’.

Back to Sleep

This campaign outlines a few things we can do to drastically reduce our child’s chances of SIDS.

  • Always put your child to sleep on their back. A child sleeping on their front is six times more likely to be affected.
  • Always place your child in their own cot, or Moses basket. Bed-sharing is very dangerous, especially if you are very tired, smoke, have been drinking, or taking drugs.
  • Have your baby sleep in the same room as you. This can reduce your child’s risk in half. Especially during the first six months of life. 
  • A clear cot. All your baby needs is a firm clean mattress and bedding. No pillows, loose blankets, or anything that could cover your baby’s face.


As well as getting all this useful information on how to care for your child out there, they also help and support the families of those that have tragically lost a loved one.

If you, or someone close, is going through this right now, then please, either ring 0808 802 6868 to talk to a trained professional, (weekdays 10am – 5pm, weekends 6pm – 10pm). Or read this Helpful Guide that will explain everything you will need to know and deal with, both in the immediate future, and longer term.

I’m sure you will agree with me that this message needs to be shouted from the rooftops, as it were, and that this charity needs all the support it can get.

That’s why I have chosen to take part in the #BeardsForBabies campaign. Let’s face it, I’m not going to be running a 5K anytime soon, (maybe 5 meters to the biscuit barrel and back).
Anyway. Fellas, are you joining me in growing a beard to raise awareness and a little money for this wonderful charity?

If you answered yes, then visit Just Giving, set up a page, and share it on Twitter etc.

If you answered no, then maybe I can shame you into visiting my Just Giving page, and making a comfortable donation for my efforts.

Forgo Friday’s frappaccino, and forward those funds to help those less fortunate than yourselves, for my soon-to-be furry face!

I will be posting the odd picture of my progress on my various social media sites, so that you can see what will eventually look to be my head on upside down. So come and link up with me on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook.

Update 26/06/15:

See how I got on growing my beard and raising money here.

Until next we meet droogs, be dobby!

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    26 thoughts on “#BeardsForBabies

    1. I’ll happily donate to this – great cause – and much easier to join in than Movember, which results in so many creepy looking guys popping up all over the place. Only Magnum PI and the Ron Burgundy should wear taches!

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    2. That inforgraphic is really useful and thanks for sharing some great tips. I am 35 week’s pregnant so it’s good to remind myself the best steps to keep my baby safe. Thanks for linking with #sharethejoylinky

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