A BIG Adventure

On Friday, my three year old son took on the biggest adventure of his life, his first real mountain, and wow did he rock it!

The mountain in question is Sugar Loaf, in the Black Mountains, near Abergavenny. With an elevation of 596m, a prominence of 413 meters, and only a 5k hike, up and down, it’s only a baby, but when you’re only three years old, it may as well be Everest.

With a bit of a slow start, and about ten minutes being carried on my shoulders, he soon got into the spirit of it, quickly learning how to climb the styles, and counting the sheep as we climbed the easier early stages.

The further you climb, the steeper the incline, especially the final push, where you are literally climbing a rock face, and JB was pushing me away, telling me “I’m a big boy, and I don’t need your help”! And fair play he didn’t.

On reaching the top, he grew to ten feet tall, and four foot wide. The late great Jonah Lomu would have quaked in his boots with the thought of tackling him! The wind at the top, froze my tears of joy to my cheeks, as this particular protuberance was my first mountain conquered as well.

To see this little boy puff his chest out with this achievement, I feel would easily dwarf a Nobel peace prize; not that I ever expect such an accolade.

A picnic, and quick photo op, was soon followed by the decent, with games of tag, and “What’s the time Mr Wolf,” as we practically ran down the mountainside, made a perfect end to a perfect day.

You could almost hear Julie Andrews warbling “the hills are alive with the sound of gunfire”. Well that’s what you would have heard, if she had been singing on the side of the mountain as I ran past. I picture myself as Christoph Waltz playing Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds, slowly drawing my gun and taking aim as she runs for her life.

The last time I visited this mountain, was at the start of last September, a quick 45 minutes up and down, as a part of training for my up and coming half marathon. That’s a quarter of the time on this visit.

The butterflies have started to take ahold, as in less than a week, I undertake the farthest I have ever run in my ten month running career. My own BIG adventure into the unknown.

Sunday 20th. March is D-Day! 13 miles of forest trails underfoot in the name of charity. With over £400 pledged so far thanks to my locals, I am now giving it a push to my online friends. The money raised will be going to Médicins Sans Frontières and UNICEF, so I don’t think I can back out now, lol.

My Just Giving page for UNICEF

My Just Giving page for MSF

The ball is in your court now, and you can either use the links above to donate to the charity of your choice now, or wait until I’ve posted the completion of this massive endeavour with pictures of my poor carcass on the finish line.

If you are not familiar with the charities I have chosen, then you can get aquatinted by clicking on the following links.

Thank you all in advance for any donations you make, I know that every penny will have a great impact with the most destitute children across the globe.

Dawn of the Dad.

Read all about my ‘run’ up Sugar Loaf, by clicking the link below.

Run Fat Boy…
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3 thoughts on “A BIG Adventure

  1. Such an amazing day for you both! Loved seeing the pictures of such a proud boy. He clearly takes after his daddy 🙂
    Hope the run goes well and very
    Proud of all you have achieved so far in bringing these worthwhile causes to our attention. X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. that does indeed sound like Evert for a 3 year old but it sounds like he really took it in his stride. I love the idea of playing What’s the time Mr Wolf on the way down. What a great adventure. Best of luck with your big run too.

    Liked by 1 person

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