Potty Mouth

Could this be the end of sh*tty nappies? I’ve been dreading writing this post…you know…just in case I jinx it…again.

I started writing this post months ago, when I truly believed we were on the cusp of a successful potty training regime. Sod’s law, my little boy regressed, and it became a constant battle to get him on the potty, and not pee all over the sofa/carpet/behind the shed/on the dogs. Oh, and no amount of telling me that is common with boys, doesn’t make the constant scrubbing, and washing of clothes any easier. Just sayin’.

Every child is different, but consensus says our lovely little leprechauns will begin the potty train journey somewhere between 18 months and three years. We have had a potty sat in the living room since JB was 18 months, just so it was there, visible, and awaiting an exploring mind. It didn’t take too long.


Of course, after filling it with toys, he was soon questioning what it was, and was quickly using it for the occasional wee.

We have always let him explore at his own pace, and made excited noises, with lots of praise, and the obligatory high five’s. But some how, he had developed a nervousness about pooping in the potty. Sure the carpet was fine, and the bath…well that’s the law. But the potty had been elusive, until recently. Now, although he hides away in the corner of the room to do his business, he will proudly present us with his ‘banana poo-poo!’

Maybe it’s because he’s moved into pre-school, and his peers, being almost a year older and more advanced…or maybe he has a little more confidence in himself, I don’t know. But what I do know is we are one step closer to the ultimate goal of pants!


Is it just me, or is it kinda weird having the phrase ‘always on duty’ on a pair of pants? Sure, your wife might buy you a pair for your honeymoon, or your best man at your stag do, but come on, we all know that boat has sailed when you’re talking about parenting, am I right people? 😉

So what do we know?

By the age of three, 90% of our little ones will be dry most days, there’s bound to be the odd accident, that’s only natural, and by the age of four accidents should be a thing of the past throughout the day.

It takes a little longer to master the art of staying dry through the night however, but most will have mastered it by age five, barring a few accidents.

The point is to relax and let your children go at their own pace. By trying to force them, you will create an anxiety toward a natural process that will cause you more headaches, and you will no doubt have plenty of those anyway.

The main thing is, that battle of the potty has been won, so it’s onto the next battle…trying to get my lovely little monster to pull up his shorts and not dress like Donald Duck!


Well…that’s all folks! Until next time, you might like to try some of my other posts.

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Happy Anniversary

Its official, Dawn of the Dad is now one year old! Woo-Hoo!

Yes that’s right folks, a whole year has passed since my first post, A Trip to the Park, hit the virtual press so to speak. The keen-eyed among you long time readers will have noticed, that it’s had a little face-lift recently, with the edition of a couple of photos. (Finally!)

Obviously, along my journey of the last 12 months, I’ve picked up a couple of tricks that are a must have in the world of blogging.

So what have I learned over the last 365 days?

Firstly, bloggers are awesome! I have found such a wonderful community of people, who are more than happy to help you become all you want to be, and are always on hand with a kind word in the comments box, a share on social media, and even showcase your work on their websites. So a huge thank you to you all! You rock!

The last 8,765 hours have taught me how to use pictures. As the old adage goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, and how true it is. The picture not only helps set the scene, it breaks up text, making it less monotonous, and more appealing.

Now that your blog post is looking cool and more engaging, you want to keep your audience on your site.

525,948 minutes have also shown me how to use embedded links within my posts. At the end of each post, or within the body of text, you will usually find three links that will take you to other, similar posts that I have written. I also put in links to other sites, which sounds odd, as you want to keep people reading your work. But somehow linking to larger, external sites, you increase traffic to yours, or so I’m told.

31,556,926 seconds later I realise I still have loads to learn, and trying to do all this on top of looking after a threenager all day, is very, very, tiring …


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Well, time to raise a glass and watch the next 3.1709791983765 x 10-11 milliseconds fly by.

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#BeardsForBabies II

As most of you are probably aware, over the last month I have been growing a beard to raise money for the Lullaby Trust, and today, (26th June), is the final day. The day that all involved reveal to the world the fruits of their labour.

 The fresh faced fizzog of your fatherly friend.

Before the big reveal, I must first give a big shout out to all those that got on board, growing facial fuzz, for such a great cause. You guys rock!

But more importantly than all of us scruffy urchins, I’d like to give a huge thank you to all the people that have donated their hard earned cash to help. Even if there was a little persuasion on my part. 😉


Through my Just Giving Page, and at work, my friends and family have raised a whopping £155 to date. I am truly overwhelmed by your support. Thank you so much.

If you would like to help, please click the link above and help out. The page will remain active.

For those of you who are new here you can read about what the Lullaby Trust stand for here, and you can read my thoughts about sudden infant death syndrome on my post.

Well, it’s time to cut to the chase, (pun intended), and reveal this years official #BeardsForBabies beard.

I thought I might do something a little special to thank you all for your support, and decided to have a little fun with the beard, so this years official beard is…drumroll please…the mighty mutton chops!


Puts me in mind of all those wonderful bare knuckle boxers. Who’s up for some fisticuffs? 😂

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Day of the Dad

What’s that you say? “Day of the Dad”? Surely you mean “Dawn of the Dad”?

Nope…Day of the Dad. More commonly known as Father’s Day, or in this case in particular, the name of the event I attended on the weekend. 

An informal pre Father’s Day, Father’s Day as it were. A chance to leave the family at home and chill with my peers in the dad blogging world.

The event was the brainchild of Al Ferguson from The Dad Network, and I must say, a bang up job Al. Great idea, great venue, great food, and most importantly great company.


Located on the bridge of the Tatershall Castle Riverboat in the little village of London, I got to meet up with a great bunch of dad bloggers, and vloggers, from across the UK, to share a beer, and a few anecdotes about life, kids, and blogging.


We had the pleasure of a visit from a couple of reps from The Lullaby Trust, who came down to witness first hand, the wonderful array of beards on show, and chat about the wonderful work they do.

The support for their #BeardsForBabies campaign has been truly amazing within the dad blog community, either that or they’re just a bunch of scruffy oiks! 😉

Two weeks growth, and the itching has just about stopped now.

The thing that surprised me most about the day, was the fact that even though there were no kids on board, the dads just couldn’t help but play with the Lego! It had me perplexed right up until the end of the day, when it was revealed that there was a £25 Etsy voucher up for grabs.


All in all it was a wonderful day out with a chance to to meet and greet all the great dad blogs I follow, and be introduced to some great bloggers I’d yet to come accross.

If you would like to see what we all got up to at Day of the Dad, there was a film crew on board, and it will be a feature on the Chrissy B show this Friday, for their Father’s Day special.

To all the dads out there, here’s wishing you a great Father’s Day this Sunday, and I hope to meet you all at the next Day of the Dad bash for some more fun! (A little bird tells me it will be June 11 ’16).

Well, until next time droogs, don’t forget to show your support for the Lullaby Trust and all those poor dads with itchy facial hair, mine is here.

Be dobby, smeck grimly, and skvat jeezny by the sharries droogs!


Crazy Baby Names

Have you missed me while I’ve been on holiday? Or rather have you missed this weeks adventures with JB? More on that next week. 

For those of you needing a fix, fear not. There is a brand new post of mine out there in the Blogosphere. Sure it’s a little late from my usual Friday, but as the saying goes, ‘it’s better late than tarred and feathered’ ?!

This week I am the guest blogger on Honest Mum’s online parenting magazine! (Truly honoured, thanks Viki). Each month Viki features a dad blogger in her brilliant #WhosTheDaddy series, and this month it’s my turn to be Ray Winstone, so if you see me with a sock in my hand, you’d better avoid me like the plague.

Go take a look and send some love Viki’s way.

Don’t forget, this month I am raising money for the Lullaby Trust via growing #BeardsForBabies and you can donate on my Just Giving page. Don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box so that a further 20% is added to your donation.

This is my freshly shaven head and chin, and you can follow my progress into beardy-weirdness via my InstagramTwitter, or Facebook accounts.

Here’s me a week later trying to look thoughtful. I know, I know…


…still, it’s for a good cause so please, please, please, click the Just Giving link above to help bereaved families with their loss.

Well, as Porky Pig is fond of saying “Th-th-th-that’s all folks!”

King of the Wild Things: Perrygrove Railway

Perrygrove, as JB will attest to, is a wonderful place. After two hours of riding the trains, running around the woods and the play areas, I had to drag him, kicking and screaming back to the car.*

The main attraction is the 15″ gauge railway, and the trains that run every weekend, and every day during the school holidays. The journey snakes around ancient woodlands, and lasts about 20 minutes. It is a great way to introduce your young children to the beauty of trains, as I found out the hard way. Fear not, you can ride the train as many times as you like between 10:30 and 17:00.

This year they have introduced an extra day to the weekly calendar, with “Toddler Tuesday’s”+ which runs up until the end of October. Here your toddlers can enjoy the day at their own pace, without the hustle and bustle of lots of older children, while they are at school.

The 3/4 mile track runs through four stations, that all lead to lovely woodland walks, the bluebells dappled in sunlight, gave me a great sense of adventure and escapism. I can only wonder at how amazing this must be for JB.


Taking the train all the way to the final station, ‘Foxy Hollow’, you will find a wonderful picnic area, and an under cover play area complete with rope bridges, and climbing frames.


It took me a while to get the wee fella, to leave all this fun behind, but with the promise of something even better he reluctantly followed, and boy, he was not disappointed!

Here at Perrygrove they have a treetop village, and it is nothing shy of amazing for the little ones. Complete with rope bridge and slide, it’s even accessible for prams and wheelchairs.


It’s a bit of a tight squeeze in places, for adults running around after their toddlers, trying to take photos, but luckily I’m a little shorter than your average bear. Luckily my feet can just reach the floor!

After an exhausting hour of running around, we headed to the café, where JB played with the Big Jig trains, and I traded my train ticket for a brew.

Other great little ways to entertain the young uns, incude the ‘treasure hunt’. Follow the clues to find the treasure boxes, dotted around the stations and woodlands. Or maybe they’d like to try there hand at building a den in the woods. Or run around the indoor village and explore the secret passages.


One word of warning if you plan on coming here to Perrygrove, have a hearty breakfast! Trust me, you’ll need it!

Fancy a birthday party for your cherub, and all their friends? Or maybe you’d like to get married on the train? Perrygrove will go out of their way to accommodate you, just click the link and get in touch. They will be happy to help.

King of the Wild Things is a series of posts about the wonderful places your children would love to visit in the Forest of Dean. Check out other posts in the series by clicking the following links.

Dean Heritage Centre

* Please be aware, I am actually using artistic licence here. There was no dragging, kicking, or screaming involved, just a little whining that we had to go home for dinner.

+ Please note, “Toddler Tuesday’s” run a diesel engine, not a steamy. But if you’re here come the weekend, or during the holidays, and you keep your ticket, you will get 10% off your entry, and enjoy a day on the steam engines.

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