Potty Mouth

Could this be the end of sh*tty nappies? I’ve been dreading writing this post…you know…just in case I jinx it…again.

I started writing this post months ago, when I truly believed we were on the cusp of a successful potty training regime. Sod’s law, my little boy regressed, and it became a constant battle to get him on the potty, and not pee all over the sofa/carpet/behind the shed/on the dogs. Oh, and no amount of telling me that is common with boys, doesn’t make the constant scrubbing, and washing of clothes any easier. Just sayin’.

Every child is different, but consensus says our lovely little leprechauns will begin the potty train journey somewhere between 18 months and three years. We have had a potty sat in the living room since JB was 18 months, just so it was there, visible, and awaiting an exploring mind. It didn’t take too long.


Of course, after filling it with toys, he was soon questioning what it was, and was quickly using it for the occasional wee.

We have always let him explore at his own pace, and made excited noises, with lots of praise, and the obligatory high five’s. But some how, he had developed a nervousness about pooping in the potty. Sure the carpet was fine, and the bath…well that’s the law. But the potty had been elusive, until recently. Now, although he hides away in the corner of the room to do his business, he will proudly present us with his ‘banana poo-poo!’

Maybe it’s because he’s moved into pre-school, and his peers, being almost a year older and more advanced…or maybe he has a little more confidence in himself, I don’t know. But what I do know is we are one step closer to the ultimate goal of pants!


Is it just me, or is it kinda weird having the phrase ‘always on duty’ on a pair of pants? Sure, your wife might buy you a pair for your honeymoon, or your best man at your stag do, but come on, we all know that boat has sailed when you’re talking about parenting, am I right people? 😉

So what do we know?

By the age of three, 90% of our little ones will be dry most days, there’s bound to be the odd accident, that’s only natural, and by the age of four accidents should be a thing of the past throughout the day.

It takes a little longer to master the art of staying dry through the night however, but most will have mastered it by age five, barring a few accidents.

The point is to relax and let your children go at their own pace. By trying to force them, you will create an anxiety toward a natural process that will cause you more headaches, and you will no doubt have plenty of those anyway.

The main thing is, that battle of the potty has been won, so it’s onto the next battle…trying to get my lovely little monster to pull up his shorts and not dress like Donald Duck!


Well…that’s all folks! Until next time, you might like to try some of my other posts.

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12 thoughts on “Potty Mouth

  1. awww we are trying with the potty training. My girl is over 2. She will do the odd wee but poos are a big no no! It sounds like you may be almost there!! I so agree you can’t rush uit! My daughter gets so stressed if we push her. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and good luck!! xx

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  2. Great POST! Fun and honest and totally with you! Love it ‘next battle!!’
    My little menace keeps giving me the potty but haven’t got the energy to start it!!! Got many other battles with her at the mo!!! ha ha!!! #brilliantblogpost

    Liked by 1 person

  3. With two boys aged 6 and 11 the potty training stage is well behind me. However… My youngest still has accidents at night, we’ve been trying all kinds of tactics to overcome it. He even has accidents in the day and it can be very frustrating for us all. At the same time I’m trying to let it go, he’ll get it eventually. If I pressure him and shout it just makes it worse. Good for your little one though, well done him. xx #BrilliantBlogPosts

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